Title: People Of Coloring Project Liberated
Medium: Drawing and Digital Illustration
Year Created: 2020


Artist Statement:

Originally a black and white ink drawing for a coloring book, I was asked by the organizers of the People of Coloring project to create this final piece as the cover for the Liberated 23rd Ave Coloring Book project. This coloring book was created to celebrate the purchase of the building in East Oakland by the Oakland Community Land Trust, taking it permanently off the speculative housing market. As a former tenant of Oakland SOL, a QTPOC housing co-op, I had many beautiful experiences in the garden/urban farm, and I wanted to pay homage to them in this image. As I was sketching the design, the phrase “saying there’s only two genders is like saying there’s only two kinds of plants” came to me. If we could respect the nuanced differences of each individual, I think the world would be a much better place.

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